• Jeffrey Townsend

Why It’s So Important to Partner with the Right Sport Supplement Manufacturer

Starting a business can sometimes feel like climbing a peak-less mountain alone. Starting a sport supplement brand is no different. When you first start your sport supplement company, you’ll find that manufacturing your own supplements is not only inefficient but can seem nearly impossible when juggling everything else that comes with running a business. It’s important to understand that scaling your business will be nearly impossible with out the right partnership with a trustworthy private label manufacturing company. Today on the Accelerated Genetix blog, we will discuss why it’s so important to partner with the right Sport Supplement Manufacturer.


We’ve mentioned in earlier blog posts that when you first start your supplement brand, you can manufacture most of your product with hand held encapsulation machines. What you’ll soon find out is that you won’t be able to keep up with the demand of your product as soon as it catches fire. Not only will you not have the proper time, but you won’t have the necessary equipment or structure in place to properly produce quality supplements at a commercial level. There is only so much time in the day. Should you focus on marketing, pushing consumers to your website, developing the brand and social media presence; or should you spend all day hand capping your supplements just to stay afloat. Partner with a private label manufacturer that you can trust and focus on what’s going to affect your bottom dollar.


Company’s like Accelerated Genetix have invested thousands of dollars in everything from encapsulation machines, to bottling lines and even laboratory testing equipment. Some of these encapsulation machines produce 75,000 pills per hour and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. There is a reason why hand cap machines that cost a few hundred bucks only produce a few hundred capsules per hour; it’s because they were never intended for large scale commercial use. Partner with a company like Accelerated Genetix that has spent nearly a decade building an arsenal of equipment and experience. With lead times as low as 2 weeks, you’ll be able to spend your time growing the brand instead of spending hours and hours making the product yourself.


Accelerated Genetix will negotiate lower pricing with vendors when it comes to certain raw ingredients. When you’re dealing with such a low quantity regarding small unit runs, you’ll find that it’s nearly impossible to get better pricing. Accelerated Genetix orders thousands of kilo’s worth of raw ingredients on a weekly basis which makes it easier to negotiate for a better price. Save yourself the time and headache by letting AG deal directly with suppliers and sources. Remember the better pricing your sport supplement manufacturing partner can get, the larger your margins will most likely be.

Understanding the Market

A sport supplement manufacturer should have a clear understanding of how your market and customer base work. This understanding comes from years of doing business with like minded professionals. Your private label manufacturer should be able to make recommendations on what products to produce, and how to bring them to light in such a competitive market. This not only helps when selling your product, but also helps with R&D, and better responsiveness when problems occur. It also helps because Accelerated Genetix has years of experience when it comes to listening to what the market customers wants, and concerns may be. Having a good understanding when it comes to your customer base, as well as what’s currently popular in the market can make or break your sport supplement brand.


Partnering with a quality Private Label Manufacturer will not only save you time when it comes to manufacturing, but it’ll also save you the headache of distribution. Imagine if you’ve put together a brilliant marketing campaign and begin to see orders in the hundreds. How are you going to distribute these supplements while maintaining customer service quality, all while trying to run a business. Accelerated Genetix was designed to be your one stop shop for all your private labeling needs, which includes distribution.

Starting any business can seem like a mountain to climb, but when you partner with a trustworthy sport supplement manufacturing company like Accelerated Genetix, you’ll never have to climb that mountain alone. Reach out to info@agenetix.com and ask how we can help your supplement company reach the peak!

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