• Jeffrey Townsend

Understanding Sport Supplement Trends in 2018

E-commerce sport supplement sales have become more and more prevalent. The sport supplement sales industry has seen steady growth over the last decade and shows no signs of quit. One of the most important things you can do besides networking within the supplement world is to pay close attention to industry trends. With both domestic and international sales growing at a rapid pace, understanding your market trends can solidify a long-term foundation built for success. Today on the Accelerated Genetix blog, we discuss the importance of understanding sport supplement trends in 2018.

Know the Supplements that are Surging in Popularity

The supplement world is constantly evolving but can sometimes seem like a revolving door when it comes to supplements coming and going and coming again regarding popularity. Knowing what supplements that are currently surging in popularity can serve as a good place to start when rolling out new product. For example, knowing that there’s a current rise in Brain and Cognitive health supplement popularity can point you in the right direction when it comes to your next formulation. Understanding the buyer and their current spending habits can make or break a growing sport supplement brand.

Know Which Markets are Growing by Country or Region

The majority of start-up sport supplement companies won’t have the resources right off the bat to take over the global supplement marketplace. However, with the advancements in e-commerce technology, global take-over aspirations are no longer a pipe dream for even the smallest of companies. Understanding the global supplement market is a must for those supplement companies looking for longevity. The supplement industry is currently a 125-billion-dollar worldwide market and is expected to reach 300 billion by 2022. Though the United States and China make up almost half of the market share, it’s important to understand what a specific market is looking for and how your future products can address the demand of the market.

Know Overall Industry Growth and Forecasting

The supplement industry has shown steady growth for the last decade and shows continuous growth through 2022. The supplement market is driven by social media, health, fitness and lifestyle trends; and shows to be on track for steady growth. Change in consumer lifestyle, advancements in technology and social media platforms, and the ever-evolving consumer demographic have all contributed to steady growth within the industry. Vanity has always been around, but with the rise of social media, our society has grown into an even more self-indulgent reality TV show where everyone can be in the spot light all the time; which is great for the supplement industry. Now that being health conscious and informed is more easily accessible than ever, it seems that more and more consumers are making the decision to embrace dietary supplements as part of a balanced approach to overall health.

Know Which Specific Categories are Growing

As an owner of a sport supplement company it’s important to know which specific supplement categories are growing. There are numerous factors that contribute to the steady growth of the supplement market but knowing that it’s growing isn’t enough. Not only are consumers becoming more aware and conscious of what they put into their bodies, but there’s also been a large shift in consumer preference for products that are tailored to meet their specific goals and needs. Herbal and Botanical supplement demand is up because of the consumer led push for clean, all-natural ingredients. Whereas multivitamin and mineral supplements remain the most popular supplement type among consumers. Understanding the rise in specific sport supplement categories is a must for any sport supplement entrepreneur.

The sport supplement market has seen steady growth over the last decade, and it’s more important than ever that sport supplement entrepreneurs have an in depth understanding of how the market works. Get a jump start on understanding the top Sport Supplement Trends that will impact your bottom line and put your supplement business on the road to success. Reach out to info@agenetix.com to continue the discussion and let us know how we can help your sport supplement brand save money and grow!

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