• Jeffrey Townsend

Top 5 Tips for Creating Content for Your Supplement Company

Unless you have an army behind you, launching your supplement company can seem like a daunting task. When you don’t have a sales team knocking on doors for you all day, or a ton of money to run a bunch of different ads on different platforms; the only way to scale your e-comm business is through social media marketing. Email capture, targeting and re-targeting and mass email campaigns are a great way to grow your business. But in the digital eComm age, Content is king. Today on the AG blog, we discuss the top 5 tips for creating content for your supplement company.

Blog Blog Blog

Many companies starting out will overlook the power of blogging. Blog posts not only help boost google rank, but it helps you set yourself apart as an industry expert or thought leader. By regularly posting SEO rich content VIA your blog, you not only provide useful industry tips and knowledge; but you’re building trust throughout your industry. Plus, by curating your blog, you’ll generate a ton of useful user data and metrics that you can leverage into your eComm marketing strategy. Blogging helps you create a user-friendly community and helps boost engagement.


According to HubSpot, over 70% of customers research your business or brand VIA your social media channels and website before making any kind of purchase. Furthermore, over 80% of users prefer video as their main source of research when consuming content. When you don’t have a sales team, video can be your best bet to not only inform your customer base; but it’s one of the easiest ways to boost engagement. Whether you’re showcasing your business process or showing behind the scenes content; Video helps show the human side of your business. It puts a name and face to the brand. And helps build trust by letting your potential customers get to know the people behind the business.

The Peel and Stick Method

You don’t need a huge budget to publish commercials or advertisement. Growth hacking is the digital marketers preferred method when it comes to scaling a brand. ‘The peel and stick method’, or A/B testing, is where you test multiple versions of Ads against each other. Start with a small ad budget, maybe $200. Test two similar ads but use different headlines. Use different unique selling points. And use different call-to-action phrases. One of these ads will outperform the other, and you’ll know where you should spend your money on the next round of ads. Peel one out, and stick a new one in. Set different key performance indicators. Maybe one will be ‘add to cart’ ratio. Maybe one will be used for direct response marketing or messaging. Regardless of the result you’re looking for, A/B testing takes out any question regarding what ads work, and what ads don’t. This method can be used for video, google ads, blog posts, ETC. Split test everything!!!

Re-purposing for Different Platforms

When breaking down your buyer persona, you should have a decent idea of their preferred platforms that they’re using. Whether they’re using Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Bodybuilding.com; your content should be re-tooled for each individual platform. If you have a 90 second video on Facebook, it won’t work on Instagram due to its max 1 minute video upload parameters. So you’ll have to re-purpose it to fit Instagram’s parameters. On YouTube you can post 16:9 ratio videos, and it’ll all look the same no matter what device you’re using. Instagram sees better engagement when you export at 3:4. Identify what’s popular, create more evergreen content and leverage your social media channels.

Post Frequency

When I say content is king, you shouldn’t take it lightly. As a digital creator and eComm owner, you should be posting frequently to build your audience while curating your brand. The rule of thumb is two to three posts per day. One to two pictures per day. One to two videos per week. Two to three blog posts per week. Maybe a podcast. Include info-graphics, GIF’s and behind the scenes content. By posting consistently you’ll not only build a following, but you’ll be adding fuel to the fire when it comes to generating more leads and sales. Each post will organically drive consumers to your site without having to spend a dollar on ads. Use scheduling tools and automate your posts as much as possible. The minute you stop posting consistently, your traffic and user engagement will shoot to the floor. POST POST POST!

There are many different avenues you can take when it comes to content creation. Video and blogging are your best tools. If your company or brand does not have a digital presence, your competition will leave you in the dust. These days you don’t need an army behind you to grow a brand, or a bucket of money for ad spend. Start small. Use the peel and stick method. Reinvest. And post post post! For more exciting insights into how to grow your supplement brand. Follow Accelerated Genetix on Facebook and Instagram. Reach out to jeff@agenetix.com to launch your eComm supplement business today!!

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