• Jeffrey Townsend

Tips for Launching a New Sport Supplement Product

The sport supplement industry is constantly evolving to accommodate the needs faced by bodybuilders and athletes. When starting your supplement brand, formulating a product that appeals to your buyers is one of the most important aspects you should focus on. The sport supplement industry is a competitive, saturated market but if you’re dialed in to best serve the needs of your buyer; anyone can carve out a niche and be successful in the supplement world. Today on the Accelerated Genetix Blog, we discuss tips for launching a new sport supplement product.

Perfecting Your Formulation

At Accelerated Genetix not only do we offer house formulations, but we offer same day quotes on custom formulations too. Most start-up sport supplement company’s have a good idea of the type of products they want to produce, but it’s a good idea to collaborate with your private label manufacturing partner when it comes to formulation. Accelerated Genetix has invested years into R&D and can not only help perfect your supplement; we can also source the highest quality ingredients at the lowest prices available. Collaborate with your sport supplement manufacturer and formulate the best product possible.

Tablets or Capsules

There are many different factors to consider when launching a new sport supplement product. Depending on your target formula, there are several factors that can help determine whether you should produce a tablet or encapsulated product. Capsules are often utilized to deliver easily digested ingredients and can be manufactured to meet a wide range of dietary restrictions such as vegan or kosher related products. Tablets can be pressed into a custom size or shape and can be modified to include enteric coatings which help produce the best absorption possible. It’s important to note that Accelerated Genetix offers a trade marked innovative capsule technology known as TetraSorb Delivery. TetraSorb capsules provide extreme protection against premature releases, delivers ingredients directly into the gut through a delayed-release effect, resulting in your supplement being fully absorbed for maximum results. Reach out to info@agentix.com for more information regarding our TetraSorb Delivery technology.

Invest in Marketing

Once you’ve perfected your formula and you’ve partnered with a trustworthy sport supplement manufacturer to put your product into production; it’s now time to market. Remember when marketing your product line people buy benefits, not features. Put most of the emphasis on the benefits of your product and how they fit seamlessly into your buyers every day life. If possible back your claims with actual studies and research that might help throw fuel on the fire. If you’re an eCommerce entrepreneur, set your prices accordingly and maximize your product descriptions for search engine optimization. Get the word out. Build up anticipation prior to launch, utilize marketing materials on social media, and find social media influencers or sponsored athletes that can help get the word out about your new sport supplement product. Expand your reach through all means possible.

Get started today. Like most things worth doing, it’s going to take a lot of hard work to get your new sport supplement product launched and profitable. Put yourself in the best position possible to better serve your customer base, formulate a product that meets your buyers wants and needs, and invest in an effective high-quality marketing campaign. No matter what product you’re wanting to bring to market, Accelerated Genetix was designed to be your one stop shop for all things sport supplement manufacturing. With a wide variety of quality ingredients to choose from, expert advice with custom formulations, encapsulation and tablet manufacturing, pre-workout and BCAA production, distribution, and behind the scenes high quality SEO infused content creation; Accelerated Genetix wants to help grow your sport supplement brand. Reach out to info@agenetix.com for a custom formulation today!

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