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The Top 10 Questions to Ask When Starting a Sport Supplement Business

Sport Supplements have been around for years, and don't show any signs of going anywhere soon. More and more entrepreneurs are discovering that the supplement business is booming, and it doesn't cost an arm and leg to get started. Choosing the right private label sport supplement contract manufacturer is one of the most important aspects to focus on when starting your supplement brand. For most start-up sport supplement companies, it's sink or swim, with much of their success dependent on their relationship with their sport supplement manufacturer. Today on the Accelerated Genetix blog, we discuss the top 10 questions you should ask when starting your own sport supplement business.

1. What is your private labeling minimum order?

When starting your sport supplement brand, if you plan to scale, you'll need to build a relationship with a trust worthy private label manufacturer. One of the first questions you should ask is "what's your minimum order?". Some of the big name private label companies place minimum order restrictions, and "don't have the time" for smaller start up sport supplement brands. Ask your manufacturer what kind of experience they have working with smaller companies and educate yourself on whether they offer low minimums. Everyone must start somewhere, and it's hard to build a long-lasting relationship with a quality contract manufacturer if they "don't have the time". Accelerated Genetix offers minimums as low as 144 unit runs.

2. What's the company history like?

You want to partner with a private label manufacturer that you can trust. Knowing a little background information about the private label company you plan to do business with not only helps for peace of mind, but it's also a great way to gather intel on their track record. Look for a quality website or social media pages that offer an inside look as to how they operate. Know the people you choose to do business with and determine if they can add fuel to the fire regarding your path to success.

3. What is your average lead time?

One of the biggest headaches a growing start-up supplement company will encounter is long lead times. If you're waiting 6 to 8 weeks for your supplement to be manufactured, it'll be difficult to keep up with demand. Match your order expectations with an average lead time that fits your business plan and be sure to hold your manufacturer accountable.

4. What is your average customer service response time?

When it comes to most business, customer service is key. Your manufacturing partner should be available whenever you need assistance. Avoid future customer service frustrations on your end by setting clear expectations when it comes to response time from your sport supplement private label manufacturer.

5. Do you offer more than encapsulation?

While the majority of start-up sport supplement companies begin only with pills, make sure to ask your future business manufacturing partner what else they have to offer. As you ride the road to success, you'll most likely branch out into new products. Accelerated Genetix offers everything from encapsulation, tablets, pre-workout and BCAA powders, and will be soon expanding into protein.

6. What is your supplement Manufacturing Capacity?

Taking over the sport supplement world is your goal. One of the most important questions you can ask is, "What's your available manufacturing capacity for tablets and powders?". If you truly plan to scale, you'll need to know exactly how much bandwidth your manufacturer has for when you start pumping out thousands of units of your product.

7. Do you provide end to end solutions in-house?

The best private label sport supplement manufacturing companies offer an in-house full cycle solution for your supplement brand. Accelerated Genetix is fully capable of the following: supplement manufacturing, label and packaging, lab testing, same day live customer service, shipping and distribution, R&D, as well as SEO infused content creation. Accelerated Genetix was truly designed to be your one stop shop for all of your private label sport supplement manufacturing needs.

8. What's the regulatory process like?

Once you've created your supplement, you need to lock down a distribution plan. Ask your manufacturing business partner if they can help you stay compliant in the US and export markets. Do they offer shipping and distribution? The best manufacturing companies will ship to your customers direct.

9. Do you offer lab testing?

Raw materials are tested every time they go into production in accordance with cGMP. In-house ingredient testing proves your private label manufacturing company takes quality assurance seriously. Some great questions to ask might be: "What kind of equipment do you use for ingredient identity confirmation?", "Who tests my product?", "Do you test for heavy metals and microbiology?", and "Can I review your test results that are attached to the batch production records?". You need to make sure you're getting exactly what you're suppose to be getting when ordering your supplements. Don't be afraid to ask.

10. What's your quality control process like?

Quality control can be one of the most important attributes to any business. Checks and balances must be in place to ensure that your product is being delivered at the absolute best quality as agreed upon with your private label manufacturing partner. Be sure to ask what systems are in place to ensure quality control. Remember, a dietary supplement contract manufacturer with a transparent quality control process in place will be a dependable trustworthy partner.

Building a long-term relationship with a sport supplement private label manufacturing company is key to the success of any sport supplement brand. Two of Accelerated Genetix' core values are accountability and teamwork. At Accelerated Genetix we hold ourselves accountable because we understand that the quality of our product reflects directly on us. Reputation and trust is everything in the sport supplement manufacturing business. When entering into a partnership with Accelerated Genetix, you become an extension of our team. We build each other up, and rely on each other to deliver the best end result for both parties. Let's build a long lasting relationship, grow the brand, and most importantly sell some high-quality sport supplements! Whether you're interested in starting your own sport supplement company, or you want to know if we can save cost on your already thriving business; reach out to Accelerated Genetix and request a quote today!

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