• Jeffrey Townsend

The Checklist for Launching a New Supplement Line

One of the many benefits of partnering with Accelerated Genetix is that we’ve been working with a ton of sport supplement start-up companies over the years. Being that AG offers low minimum order quantities as low as 144 unit batch runs, Accelerated Genetixs’ business model appeals to both small and large nutraceutical companies. Today on the Accelerated Genetix blog, we discuss the checklist you should consider when launching a new sport supplement line.


When you’re starting out consider the formula first. Are you creating a powder, or pill? Are your pills a specific color, are they enteric coated? What kind of delivery method do they use? When formulating your product, along with the label design, consider what appeals to your buyer persona. In an ideal situation, you should be able to highlight 3 or 4 selling points that effectively addresses your buyer persona’s wants, needs and concerns. Get into the mind of your buyer and formulate a product that has demand.


When partnering with a sport supplement manufacturing company like Accelerated Genetix, find out what kind of certifications and procedures are put in place for quality assurance. Find out how your manufacturing partner identifies ingredient sources and standardization's. Do your research online and look for behind the scenes content that offers an inside look as to how your manufacturing partner operates.


Now that your product has been formulated and put into production, you need to strategize as to how you intend on distributing your product. What’s your plan for when your supplement AD goes viral and you need to fulfil thousands of orders around the globe in a hurry? Or what do you plan to do when you have hundreds of stores looking to place orders regularly? At Accelerated Genetix we offer a turn key solution for all things sport supplement manufacturing and can help assist with distribution.

Digital Marketing

Most start-up supplement companies can’t afford a sales team of 5 to push product. Instead, most start-ups choose to create digital content intended to push traffic to their website and guide potential prospects through the buying cycle. You’ve already determined your target audience when you broke down your buyer persona when formulating the product. Now you need to create themes and content around those themes that your target audience wants. Mixing viral digital campaigns with direct to consumer marketing through retail channels is a winning formula for any brand.

Whether you’re looking to launch your supplement company as a means for additional income or hoping to create the next supplement empire; remember to consider formulation, production, distribution and marketing prior to launch. Here at Accelerated Genetix, we’ve worked with countless nutraceutical start-ups over the years, and can help with all things sport supplement manufacturing. Email us at info@agenetix.com and let’s get ready to launch the next sport supplement empire!

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