• Jeffrey Townsend

Supplements and eSports

Here at Accelerated Genetix, we continue to see more and more inquiries regarding sport supplements for gamer's. With the emergence of e-Gaming and the MLG (Major League of Gaming), the sport supplement market has been disrupted by gamer's looking to get an edge on the competition. Today on the AG blog, we discuss supplements and e-Sports.

The eSport Market

The gaming market encompasses an audience of over 380 million, with North America making up the largest portion. North America alone is projected to make almost $700 million in revenue by 2021, which is double what it produced last year. By 2021, e-Sports will have a larger average viewership than all other sports outside of the NFL. Twitch, a streaming platform for gamer's similar to YouTube, has over 15 million daily unique visitors. Fortnite, an extremely popular game released in 2017, has become the most annually profitable game in history; and it’s free to play!! According to a Netflix shareholders report, Fortnite is a bigger threat to their platform than HBO. As technology and gaming continue to evolve, the e-Sport market will continue to grow.

Supplements for Gamer's

Reflexes, mental acuity, alertness and awareness are all major components for e-Gamer’s looking for an edge on the competition. Nootropic companies and brands have found a niche that has yet to be dominated or over-saturated when compared to the sport supplement market of the past. Faster reflexes, a heightened state of concentration and better eyesight are all goals e-Gamer's are trying to achieve with supplementation. The good news is, most gamer's already have better hand eye coordination when compared to the average person. Ashwagandha, DHA, Huperzine-A, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, Phosphatidylserine, and Lutein are some of the many powerful herbs you might consider when formulating an e-Sports nootropic.

Benefits of Nootropics for eSports

If you’re looking for a “Limitless” pill, you won’t find it here; yet. Competitive gaming is extremely taxing on the brain and requires a high level of concentration for hours at a time. Prescription drugs such as Adderall are banned from competition. Nootropics are merely meant to maximize your cognitive ability and help gamer's reach their full potential. Focus is a key benefit result coming from the use of some of these nootropics. Although most gamer's won’t touch caffeine because of their fear of getting jittery; energy is another highly coveted attribute that gamer's are hoping to increase with the use of supplements. Along with focus and energy, gamer's are looking to elevate their memory, motivation and mood.

A month ago, a 14-year-old won the Fortnite world championship, which included a record breaking 3-million-dollar prize. There’s no doubt the e-Gaming market will continue to grow, but do nootropics for gamer's actually work? The easy answer is “yes”. Getting optimal blood flow, proper nutrients, and balancing or optimizing hormones within the brain will contribute to better results behind the gaming sticks. If you need help formulating a solid gaming nootropic, reach out to jeff@agenetix.com to get started today!!

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