• Jeffrey Townsend

Supplement Showdown: CLA VS L- Carnitine

When formulating a thermogenic fat burning product with Accelerated Genetix, there are many ingredients to consider. From Caffeine, Synephrine and Green Tea Extract, to 7-Keto, Raspberry Ketones and white kidney bean extract; you must consider stimulants, ingredients to curb appetite and carb or fat inhibitors. Today on the Accelerated Genetix Blog, we discuss CLA Vs L-Carnitine.


Conjugated Linoleic Acid, or CLA, is found in meat and dairy products; predominantly in red meat. CLA is a healthy fatty acid reported to improve lean body mass, reduce fat and even help fight cancer. While you will get a decent amount of CLA from some of the foods you eat, it won’t be high enough amounts to be noticeable. Supplementing with 2-6 grams of CLA has shown to help people lose more fat, prevents fat from being stored, and helps spare muscle mass. This is due to the increase in muscle to fat ratio. CLA is a powerhouse, stem free supplement that should be considered when formulating your fat burner.


Carnitine is an amino acid that your body generally synthesizes enough from the amino acid’s lysine and methionine; so it’s not considered as an “essential” amino acid. You can find L-Carnitine in every complete protein source you consume, including meat and dairy. Carnitine regulates the transport and breakdown of fats used for energy. Many supplement companies will include Carnitine in their fat burning supplements because it shows positive effects in reducing both mental and physical fatigue.

CLA VS L-Carnitine

When putting CLA up against L-Carnitine for use in a fat-burner, CLA is the clear winner. CLA is essential, is a potent anti-inflammatory, and helps preserve lean muscle mass. L-Carnitine helps convert stored fat into energy, but is not essential and does not show hard evidence when it comes to weight loss. L-Carnitine, and the related compound Acetyl-L-Carnitine(ALCAR), increases the mitochondria’s potential to burn fat, has brain boosting benefits, and helps alleviate the effects of aging. CLA win’s in this comparison because of its ability to preserve lean muscle mass and ensure that you lose fat instead of lean tissue.

When partnering with Accelerated Genetix for your thermogenic fat burning product, it’s important to remember that we carry a laundry list of raw, fat-burning ingredients you can choose from. Visit us at Agenetix.com or email us at info@agenetix.com to get started today!

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