• Jeffrey Townsend

SEO Tips to Help Scale Your eComm Supplement Business

If you’ve ever launched an e-commerce store, or If you plan on starting your own supplement company; you’ve undoubtedly heard about SEO and its importance regarding the success of your online business. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can be intimidating; but it doesn’t have to be. Today on the Accelerated Genetix Blog, we discuss SEO tips to help scale your eComm supplement business.

SEO and Site Structure

Site speed is crucial for e-commerce stores. If you plan on adding HD video to your site, make sure you have the bandwidth as your page load times increase. Longer load times equals a higher bounce rate. For faster load times, try compressing your images and use a moderate bitrate for your videos. More and more consumers prefer browsing and purchasing VIA their cell phones or tablets. Make sure to optimize your site for mobile. Write compelling meta-descriptions to increase CTR (Click-Through-Rate) on organic search. All images should contain unique, keyword rich ALT tags (alt descriptions, a text alternative for search engines applied to pictures). Your category-based pages should be treated as individual homepages with their own unique content and keywords. Create consumer-friendly, keyword centric URL’s (the search bar address name for each individual landing page related to your site). If you use outside marketplace platforms, such as Amazon, make sure those pages are optimized too. Optimize your title tags, always include social media tags, look for internal linking, use keywords in anchor text, frequently test different ‘call-to-actions’, don’t neglect long-tail keywords, and be sure to use ‘header-tags’ on your product pages.

SEO and Content Creation

Creating high quality, consistent content is key. Maximize your CTR by using phrases such as “on sale”, “act-fast” or “free shipping”; these phrases can also help create a sense of urgency to your potential customers. All content should include a ‘unique selling point’ (USP) and a strong ‘call-to-action’ (CTA). Write as many high-quality blog posts that relate to your potential customers. Blog posts are a not only great for keyword ranking, but they can help push potential customers through the buying cycle that are interested, but not ready to make a purchase. Write short and long form blog posts to help organic rank. Run keyword density analytic tests and try to stay around 5%; you don’t want to over stuff your post’s with keywords, it can hurt ranking. Try and feature user generated content to help build brand awareness, back link build with industry leading eComm stores within your niche and write head-to-head product reviews. Links and content are the biggest factors for organic ranking. Produce high quality content often, share it to build links and increase your audience reach.

SEO and Brand Awareness

Use social proof to help increase conversions, paid search to help drive brand awareness, and contact popular bloggers in your industry to help with product reviews. More and more eComm sales begin with Amazon, especially in the supplement game. Make sure your product is listed and linked back to your web store. Set up your site so that your buyers can write reviews and encourage them through coupons or give-ways. Bid and purchase branded PPC (Pay-Per-Click) terms within your niche. Start an affiliate, brand ambassador or sponsored athlete program to help build brand awareness and backlinks to increase your reach. Get your company listed on review sites, participate in forums and be a thought leader within your respective space.

SEO doesn’t have to be intimidating. When done right, Search Engine Optimization can help drive tons of organic traffic to your site. With a solid SEO plan, a great product, and social media ad spend; you’ll be on your way to building a bulletproof eComm store that rivals even the best supplement companies. For more tips and tricks to help scale your supplement eComm business, follow Accelerated Genetix on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

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