• Jeffrey Townsend

Selling Your Supplements on Amazon

If only we had all listened to Gary V. back in 2012 when he told us to buy Amazon stock at $232 a share. Now, it’s floating around $1,600. If you have the capital, go for it, that’s probably still a very solid investment. But instead of risking money on the stock market, consider starting your own supplement line and capitalizing off Amazons trusted platform. Today on the Accelerated Genetix Blog, we discuss selling your supplements on Amazon.

First Things First

Before you can sell your products on Amazon, you need to find a private label supplement manufacturing partner like Accelerated Genetix. Find a manufacturing partner you can trust, that will commit to decent low minimum order quantities, quick turnaround times and 24-hour customer service. Without a high-quality supplement manufacturing partner, your business will unlikely be able to scale. Next, you need to set up your Amazon Professional Selling account. Studies have shown that around 75% of vitamin and supplement sales are being made through Amazon. The supplement market is extremely competitive, so it’s important that you do as much research as possible to ensure that you are a selling a supplement that will generate profit.

“The Amazon as Your Landing Page Strategy”

One of the major benefits of using Amazon to sell your supplements is that you don’t necessarily need a website designed and built around your product. Sure, you’re going to want to create content VIA social media, you’ll want to use different websites to create SEO infused blog posts, and that kind of thing. But you can use your Amazon landing page as the place you direct all your traffic from the content you create. Amazon serves as your landing page, a place where people can review and post testimonials, and even a place where you can use targeted Ads to create new leads and generate sales. For the entrepreneur that doesn’t have an arm and leg to pay for website UI/UX, this is the strategy to use.

The Trusted Amazon Logo

If you plan on selling your supplements online, you’ll need a payment gateway. Companies like Authorize.net, PayPal, Stripe, and Payline are payment gateway companies that securely settle transactions between you and your customers. But with your Amazon Business Account and the Amazon Seller application integration, you can funnel all your website transactions through your Amazon cart. You no longer necessarily need any additional payment gateways. Amazon Seller will act as your payment gateway, whether you’re selling on your website or Amazon landing page. Just by adding the Amazon logo to your website or eComm store, you add a level of unmatched trust to your brand that your potential customers will appreciate.

Affiliate Marketing

Digital marketers will tell you the most important thing you can do is create high quality content around themes you create as it relates to your buyer persona. The second most important thing you can do is create affiliate marketing avenues. Social media-influencer marketing is a powerful tool you can use to build brand awareness and increase your over-all reach. But affiliate marketing, where outside athletes and professionals can make money selling your product, is an effective tool that has become unmatched when it comes to eCommerce branded development. Amazon makes it easier than ever to partner with affiliate marketers. Use the tools they provide for you, and growth will happen.

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Amazon’s search engine is extremely comparable to googles. It’s keyword-centric, so SEO/SEM and keyword research are extremely important. Outside of SEO tactics, Amazon PPC is the easiest way to drive targeted traffic to your landing page. In an ultra-saturated market, this is especially true for new products, because they tend to get buried on page “47” in your search results. Through a thorough understanding of your buyer and building out audiences through email capture and social media, Amazon Ads will help put your product in front of potential customers that are interested in buying similar products. Amazon’s AI will help generate warm traffic from your targeted keywords related to your listing. Once you’ve done your research and have spent time optimizing your targeted keywords, it’s time to start running Ads!

Amazon has made it easier than ever to launch your own supplement company. All you need is a trusted private label supplement manufacturing partner like Accelerated Genetix, a solid product, keyword research and you’ll be on your way to launching the next big supplement brand. For more information on how to launch your supplement company with Accelerated Genetix, reach out to info@agenetix.com and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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