• Jeffrey Townsend

How to Start Your Own Sport Supplement Line

These days it seems like a new sport supplement line comes out every day. With Amazon making it easier and easier to private label all products, starting your own supplement line is becoming more and more popular. Anyone with the proper motivation, a decent understanding of finance, marketing and brand development can start their supplement company within weeks. You don’t have to be a well-established, Instagram celebrity; all it takes is the will to develop your brand, and the right connections.

With Ecommerce sales steadily increasing over the last decade, sports nutrition now represents the industry’s largest market. This is largely due to the increased demand from the growing health-conscious consumer. But how would you get started in such a competitive market?

You Could Do It Yourself

Many sports supplement “start-ups” will start off manufacturing their own supplements. Just like Steve Jobs, many up in coming entrepreneurs in the Supplement industry start their business in the garage. With the right raw ingredients, bottles, lids and a heat seal gun you can manufacture your own line from start to finish. Outside of hours of labor, your overall start up cost is low, but you wont ever be able to keep up with demand unless you have the right machinery. Starting your own supplement line at home might be plausible, but it’s not very efficient and you’ll never be able to scale if your brand takes off.

Private Label Manufacturing

Using Private Label Manufacturers is a great way to go if you hope to grow your sport supplement brand. Seek a private label company when you’re no longer capable of producing large quantities on your own. These Private label manufacturing companies can do anything from simply encapsulating your product, holding inventory, and even distribution. Companies like Accelerated Genetix offer a full cycle Private Label business model that can include: custom formulations, ingredient testing, label design, encapsulation, bottling, distribution, marketing materials and SEO infused content creation. But how do you choose the right company?

Choosing the Right Private Label Manufacturer

Most entrepreneurs tend to believe price is the most important aspect of who you do business with. In sports supplements you’ll often find that prices fluctuate due to supply and demand for certain ingredients but seem to cluster around a certain price point for each product. In the supplement industry you’ll tend to find out, if a price is too good to be true, it probably is. Meaning if a private label business can offer you a price for your product that no other company can come close to, they most likely aren’t being truthful with dosing or even using the proper ingredients. First impressions matter. When using a private label manufacturer for the first time, focus on quality assurance and whether they can meet an aggressive agreed upon lead time. Check and see if they offer behind the scenes content VIA social media or their website. You want to be able to see their business in action. You want to build a relationship with your supplement manufacturer, they are a true business partner that you will soon be relying on.

Next Steps

After you’ve created an amazing product that fits your buyer, its time to enter the market. With the proper target customer, you now need to create content consumers want. That’s why it’s always a great idea to use a Private Label Manufacturer that offers content creation, to give your audience a behind the scenes look at how your product is made.

In Conclusion Whether you’re a young Sports Supplement entrepreneur, or a seasoned Supplement slinging expert one thing is true; you must have trust in your Private Label manufacturing partner. As a Sports Supplement entrepreneur I focus on 3 important attributes of who I do business with: Affordability, reputation and quality.

Now it’s time to start your journey. Go forth and take over the supplement world!

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