• Jeffrey Townsend

How to Scale Your Supplement Company

When you’re building a supplement company, you must have a plan of attack when it comes to scaling your business. For most first-time entrepreneurs, launching a new company can feel like you’re climbing a mountain without any equipment. Creating your own supplement brand can be a fun exciting adventure, but there are several things to keep in mind when preparing to launch. Along with an extensive business plan, you should have a road map in place as to how you plan on effectively scaling your company. Today on the Accelerated Genetix Blog, we discuss how to scale your supplement company.

Visualize Your End Game

There are a couple of key identifiers to watch for when trying to determine if your company has the capabilities to dramatically scale. If you struggle to keep up with current product demands, your company isn't ready. A company with the proper operations in place will maintain or increase its level of performance as it experiences larger operational demands. Once you’ve determined if your company is capable, knowing what you’re trying to achieve is detrimental to your plan. It’s important to understand your destination, so that you can then figure out how you’re going to get there.

Plan Plan Plan

The planning process is crucial. You should have plans and procedures in place to address supplement manufacturing, shelf life, shipping and distribution, rules and regulations, as well as sales and marketing. At Accelerated Genetix we offer turn key solutions including: formulation, testing, tablet, encapsulation, pre- workout, BCAA and protein powder manufacturing, shipping and distribution, and behind the scenes high definition video marketing. Partner with a manufacturing partner you can trust. Have a game plan as to how you plan on selling and marketing your supplements. And continue to plan and evolve as you grow.

Creating a Funnel

When it comes to selling your product online, creating a sales funnel is key. The surface layer of your funnel is the PAGES layer. This includes the amount of web pages associated with your brand, the sequence in which they flow, ad copy on pages, videos, blogs, social media channels and the overall style or likability of these pages. This is the information readily available on the web for your potential consumers. The second layer is the AD layer. The AD layer is everything involved with running AD's directing your visitors through your traffic network. Or all the traffic being brought through AD networks such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. The goal here is to bring enough traffic through the buying cycle to generate more money than you’re spending on the AD. The final layer is the EMAIL layer. The EMAIL layer consist of emails sending traffic to the PAGES layer, or the follow up emails you get from buyers, newsletter subscribers or potential buyers. All this information you capture VIA email is crucial for your sales funnel. The main goal of your funnel is to create a spider-web of quality content, all leading to the same place; your desired landing page optimized for the sale of your product.

Automate as Much as Possible

Automating as much as possible will be essential to the growth of your business. This is the process in which you can set things up in a way that effectively gets a job or task completed with requiring your immediate attention. From automating email marketing blasts to signing paychecks, automating as much as possible will free up more time to focus on the bigger picture aspects of your business. You can outsource blog posts, video production, automated marketing funnels for lead capture, and social media marketing. In the end, automation increases the productivity level of your company. Automate, automate, automate.

With an extensive plan including an end-game in mind, a high-quality marketing campaign, a partnership with a trusted sport supplement manufacturing company like Accelerated Genetix, and as much of your business automated as possible; scaling your supplement business will always be a mountain to climb. But you can start that adventure in the best possible position if you follow these simple steps. Reach out to info@agenetix.com to partner with Accelerated Genetix today.

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