• Jeffrey Townsend

How to Determine Capsule Size When Private Labeling Supplements With AG

Starting a new partnership with a trusted sport supplement manufacturing company like Accelerated Genetix should be a transparent, streamlined process. When you’re formulating a product, there are many aspects of manufacturing that should be considered before moving into production. From bottle and label size, to the proper ingredient dosage; nothing should be overlooked. Whether you’re a small business encapsulating your products on your own, or you’ve partnered with Accelerated Genetix for all your supplement manufacturing needs; choosing the right capsule size makes all the difference when it comes to your final product. Today on the Accelerated Genetix blog, we discuss how to determine capsule size when manufacturing sport supplements.

Size 000

The largest of the capsule sizes you may want to consider is size 000, a capsule 3cm tall with the capacity to hold 1370mg of ingredients. This huge capsule has the nickname “horse pill” and works well with large ingredient combinations. The average fill weight is 960mg, shouldn’t go lower than 615mg and can go as high as 1370mg for heavier fills.

Size 00

The next size down, and one of the more common capsules, is size “double zero”. This capsule is slightly over 2cm tall and can handle a max capacity of 950mg. The average fill weight is just around 665mg but can go as low as 430mg.

Size 0

Size zero capsules stand right around 2cm tall and can hold up to 680mg of ingredients. The average fill weight is 475mg but can handle volumes as low as 305mg. For measurement comparisons, 1 tea spoon of powder would fit into 7 size 0 capsules. Size 0 capsules are most commonly found in single ingredient products, but also works well with powdered combinations.

Size 1

Size 1 capsules are just under 2cm tall and have a max capacity of 500mg for a heavier loaded product. 350mg is a solid medium weight for size 1 capsules but can handle as little as 225mg for a lighter filled product. This capsule works best with fine-grained powders and works extremely well with single ingredient products.

Size 2

Now we’re getting even smaller. Size 2 capsules are just over 1.5cm tall and work best with single ingredient or fine-grained powders. The max capacity of this capsule is 370mg, can handle as low as 165mg, but has a medium fill right around 260mg.

Standard capsules can go as low as size 5, which stands at 1cm tall with a max load of 130mg; but are rarely used. Most pharma grade capsules are made of gelatin or the vegetarian gelatin equivalent that are designed to dissolve in the low pH liquids within the stomach. Make sure your supplement manufacturing partner offers Enteric-coated capsules because they are designed to pass through the stomach unaffected and dissolve in the intestinal tract. When formulating your product, keep in mind the load capacity can differ dependent on the combination of ingredients used and the consistency of the mixed ingredients. If you’re having trouble deciding on what capsule size you should use, Accelerated Genetix offers same day customer service. Reach out to info@agenetix.com for a price quote today!

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