• Jeffrey Townsend

Do Brands Use More Than One Supplement Manufacturer for Different Products?

When starting your sport supplement brand, you want to shop around to find the best manufacturing partner for your company. There are multiple attributes to consider when trying to partner with the right sport supplement private label manufacturer including: lead time, business model, capabilities, certifications, and facility. But what about using multiple supplement manufacturing companies to help fill your orders. Today on the Accelerated Genetix Blog, we discuss whether you should use more than one sport supplement manufacturer for different products.

Why Use Multiple Manufacturers?

Growing sport supplement companies will eventually face hic ups in the road. Maybe your company took in a huge order out of the blue and your sport supplement manufacturer doesn’t have the bottles you need in stock. Or maybe sourcing powders for a specific ingredient has become impossible for your private label company to get without drastically upping your quantity or destroying your margins. There are many different reasons to use multiple manufacturing companies and you shouldn’t see it as being disloyal to your private label manufacturing partner. Large brands use different manufacturing partners all the time. Not only is it good peace of mind but partnering with multiple manufacturing partners can also help leverage better pricing. One supplement manufacturing company might be able to source cheaper raw materials for your fat burner and the other might be able to get you better pricing on your protein. It’s always good to give yourself options, fail safes, and to network and grow relationships with multiple manufacturing companies. You never know what kind of issues your brand might face that might hinder supplement production. Partnering with multiple manufacturing partners helps insure continued production no matter what issues may arise.

Quick Turn Fill Orders

One of the benefits from partnering with Accelerated Genetix is that we not only have low minimum quantity orders as low as 144 unit batch runs, but we offer quick turn fill orders. Let’s say your supplement manufacturing company isn’t producing your supplements fast enough and you’d like to try AG for a quick turn around fill. Or let’s say your sport supplement manufacturing partner gets shut down by the FDA and you have an order that needs to be filled ASAP. Your sport supplement manufacturing partner might partner with a huge distribution company and you might be left with an email saying your lead time has changed from 3 weeks to 8. Accelerated Genetix offers quick turn fill orders without any contractual obligation for future orders.

Starting your own supplement line doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Partnering with a company like Accelerated Genetix that offers quick turn fill orders as well as low minimums Is a great idea not only because we are a trusted FDA registered sport supplement manufacturing company, but because when bumps in the road happen, AG will be there every step of the way to insure the problem gets fixed. Reach out to info@agenetix.com for a same day price quote today!!

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