• Jeffrey Townsend

Branding Your Supplement Business

Updated: May 3, 2018

New businesses and start-up company's are created every day. You’ve decided you want to start your own sport supplement company, but you understand that a catchy tag line and cool logo won’t be enough to compete in such a competitive market. You need to create a brand. Something that stands out that people can associate your company with. But what are the necessary steps when creating a brand, and how can you put a plan into action. Today on the Accelerated Genetix blog, we discuss how to brand your supplement business.


As a supplement company owner, you should have a grasp of who you want to be from the very beginning. You’ve done plenty of market research, and you’ve decided what kind of supplements you want to make. Think about the product and what features they have to offer. Think about the persona you want to appeal to. Is your product meant to have a fun vibe, or is it meant to be strictly clinical? Choosing a brand identity is just as important as breaking down the buyer persona when doing market research. You need to know what kind of content themes to emulate, where your buyer spends their time online, what show’s do they watch, what activities do they enjoy doing. Having a solid understanding of what your identity is from the beginning will set you on the right path to success.

Stand for Something

When creating your supplement brand, decide what your brand stands for. Craft a message or set core values that reflect the message you’re trying to convey. Having a clear message for what you stand for causes a trickle-down effect, setting the standard for everything you produce. For example, at Accelerated Genetix our message is simple; "We produce high quality private label sport supplement manufacturing with a transparent business model designed to be your one stop shop for all things contract manufacturing. We pride ourselves on quality assurance and customer service satisfaction". Every business stands for something. Figure out the message your brand wants to convey to your customers and stand by it 100%.


Giving lifelike characteristics to an inanimate object. If your brand or product was a person what characteristics would it have? This pairs well with breaking down the buyer persona. Your brand needs to share the same wants, needs, and aesthetics that your buyers possess. If your brand was a person, what characteristics would they have? What kind of mindset would they possess? Are they active, creative, fun people or are they intellectual and analytical? It sounds ridiculous, but by giving your brand lifelike characteristics you’ll have a better understanding of what your brand should be.

Relay Relay Relay

Once you’ve crafted a good idea of what your brand is and what it stands for, you need to relay the message so that it reflects in your product. Everything from color pallet selection, the way you word your product descriptions, font, texture, etc. Every minuscule attribute should be factored in to relay these emotions and characteristics in the appearance of your brand. This includes the message and content you use to market your product. Remember, it’s all about developing your brand so that it appeals to your buyers so that it fits seamlessly into their every day lives.

New businesses and start-ups are being born every day. Remember there’s a difference between creating a brand and starting a business. They should work hand in hand. When putting everything together the final step would be to hire a sales team if the situation calls for it. These are the foot soldiers that not only champion your brand, but act as content curators; adding fuel to the fire when it comes to the growth of your brand. As you start down the long road to success, you’ll gain experience and your brand may evolve. Listen to your customers, continue to learn and grow. For more information about how Accelerated Genetix can help grow your brand, reach out to info@agentix.com today!

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