• Jeffrey Townsend

6 Steps to Your Own Supplement Brand

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

If it’s your first time exploring creating a supplement brand or manufacturing your own private label product, you’re probably wanting to know what the process is like. Below is a step by step run through of what you can expect when partnering with Accelerated Genetix so you can be prepared with information and questions.

Step 1- Identify what product(s) or formula(s) you’d like to create. Most times this involves some research on your end to know (A) What your customers want (B) What price point you need to sell at and (C) What platforms you plan on selling (retail, online, big box stores, etc).

Step 2 – Send the formulas or product lists to your Accelerated Genetix account rep. From there, they will be able to put a quote together and let you know minimum order quantities (MOQs). Most of the time, turn around times on quotes are 24 hours. It can be longer if you have very unique ingredients that AG will need to source.

Step 3- Once you have settled on a quantity and price, it’s time to do some sampling. Normally samples are done for products that need flavoring or capsule products that you can feel instantly. Samples require a deposit of $150.00 that will be applied to your initial order.

Step 4- After the samples have been approved, you will need to sign off on an approval form verifying the ingredient dosages, capsule color or flavoring and container color. At this time AG will also take a 50% down payment on the order.

Step 5 – This step is an important step for you. You will need to contract the services of a label designer and printer. We will give you the supplement fact panel and label dimensions and then you need to give this information to your designer and printer in order to have the labels printed.* The labels will need to be shipped to us before we can begin bottling your product.

*Note: This is a 3rd party service not provided by Accelerated Genetix and any costs associated are not apart of your order

Step 6- Approximately 2-4 weeks from signing the approval form (Step 4) we will complete your product, collect the remaining 50% of the payment and ship your products.

As always with any type of manufacturing, no two projects are the same. It’s best to leave additional time in the event of unforeseen delays in production or delivery, however, AG has one of the fastest lead times in the industry. For more information, email us at info@agenetix.com.

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