• Jeffrey Townsend

5 Tips for Marketing Your Supplements Online

When you first launch your supplement company, it can sometimes feel like you need an army behind you in order to scale your brand. After you’ve partnered with a trusted sport supplement manufacturer like Accelerated Genetix, it’s time to launch your marketing strategy. With so many different avenues to choose from, where do you begin? Today on the Accelerated Genetix blog, we discuss 5 tips for marketing your supplements online.

Become a Thought Leader

One of the most important avenues you can take when formulating your marketing strategy is to become an industry thought leader. Thought leaders are the “go-to” informed opinion leaders and expertise within your field. As a thought leader, you become a trusted resource using your knowledge to inspire other professionals within your space. By becoming a thought leader in the supplement industry, not only will you increase your strategic visibility, but you’ll be known as an innovative professional working towards moving the supplement industry needle. When it comes to buying supplements, consumers either buy because of the amazing product you produce, or because they like the people they’re buying from. Wouldn’t you rather buy your supplements from an industry expert versus the inverse?

Master Social Media

Without a huge sales team to knock on doors for you, you’ll need a well-developed social media marketing plan. The first action your potential customers are going to take when they enter your marketing funnel is, they’re going to visit your website and social media channels. The quality of your social media channels and website will directly reflect your product in the eyes of your customers. Make sure your logo and branding are consistent with both your website and marketing materials across all platforms. Comment, like and share content that are within the health, fitness and supplement industry that you “actually” like. Create high quality, click-able content that sets your brand apart from the competition. Build a following, engage with your followers and master social media.

Pay Per Click

Now is the time to start running Ad’s and commercials VIA social media. Running pay per click (PPC) ads is a crucial step in the formula to the success of your supplement company. No matter how amazing your product is, without website traffic, it’ll be nearly impossible to hit the huge sales numbers you’re targeting. Consider running PPC Ads to help drive traffic and build brand awareness. PPC cost has continued to get more and more expensive, and in 10 years it will no longer be affordable for the mom and pop shop start-up entrepreneur. Now is the time to start running Ads!

Affiliate Marketing

Outside of creating amazing content and running PPC ads; creating an affiliate marketing program is crucial when it comes to your marketing strategy. An affiliate marketing program is a powerful tool that allows your supplement company the ability to pay other websites, bloggers and entrepreneurs to promote and sell your supplements. Affiliate marketing will not only increase your “organic” traffic, but it’ll also encourage other bloggers to discuss and review your products. Create a spiderweb of brand affiliates and watch your website traffic increase drastically.

Video, Video and More Video

Video production is expensive, and for good reason. Have you ever seen the credits after a Hollywood movie? The list of professionals involved goes on forever. And unfortunately, video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019. Embedded video can increase conversion rates by up to 80%, and 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions. Would you rather read a 2-page article, or watch a 2-minute HD video? If it’s in the budget, consider having professional produced videos made for your brand regularly. From product explainer-videos, Vlogs and commercials, to testimonials, workout tips and documentary short’s; connect with your customers, develop your brand and establish yourself as a thought leader through video!

There’s a ton of books on e-commerce sales that’ll tell you there’s a formula to follow for social media content marketing. Post 1 to 2 pictures per day, 2-3 blog posts per week, and 1 HD video per week. Like 20 pictures, make 5 real comments, and share 1 industry related post per day. In the digital “be your own boss” age we now live in, it’s not enough to just like and share content. As an industry thought leader, your company must be the one creating the content that’s being liked and shared. Follow these 5 tips for marketing your supplement’s online and growth will happen. For more exciting insights and tips, follow us at Accelerated Genetix on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Ready to start your own supplement company? Reach out to info@agenetix.com for a price quote today!

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