• Jeffrey Townsend

3 Types of Supplements You Should Add to Your Line

As sport supplement manufacturers, one of the most common questions we hear is, “Which supplements are hot right now?”. Keeping an eye on demand and understanding market trends can be an extremely helpful tool when trying to consider which type of supplement you should add to your brand. Today on the AG Blog, we discuss 3 types of supplements you should consider adding to your product line.


One of the largest market surges in the supplement world has been due to the demand of Nootropics. Nootropics, also known as Cognitive Enhancement Nutraceuticals, are compounds designed to enhance brain function. Nootropics can enhance memory, creativity, executive functions, motivation and brain health. In order to be considered a Nootropic, the substance must: enhance memory and the brains function to learn, protect the brain from foreign chemical assaults, produce little to no negative side effects, increase the efficacy of neuronal firing of control mechanisms, and to help the brain perform efficiency under stressful conditions. But why should you add a Nootropic to your supplement brand? The Nootropic market in 2016 was valued at 1.3 billion dollars and is expected to reach 6 billion by 2024. Consumers around the world are looking for brain enhancement supplements that don’t require a prescription such as Adderall. With demand surging, you’d be a fool not to consider adding a Nootropic based supplement to your product line.


Another extremely interesting surge in the market comes from the increasing value and legalization of the hemp plant; specifically, the markets interest in CBD, or Cannabidiol. According to Forbes, the CBD market could hit 25 billion by 2024. CBD can relieve pain, help with skin care and acne, and it potentially has positive effects associated with anxiety and depression. More and more sport supplement companies are introducing CBD infused products for post workout recovery. When you consider how integrated Cannabis has become socially and commercially over the last 5 years alone; CBD would be a safe bet when it comes to introducing new product into your brand.


As more research gets pumped into ‘gut health’ and its effects on the body, mind and 'spirit'; the demand for Probiotics continues to grow. Probiotics are the “good” bacteria that help maximize your digestive system. If your stomach has an abundance of “bad” bacteria, Probiotics can help the gut regain balance, leading to a healthier ecosystem within the body. Because of its effects on 'gut health' and its use of applications when it comes to skincare; the Probiotic sales market is projected to grow up to 24 billion by 2022. Understanding the benefits of proper gut health, and knowing the market continues to grow; integrating a Probiotic product into your supplement line is a no-brainer.

The supplement market has changed dramatically over the last 5 years. Nootropics, CBD products, and Probiotics continue to grow in popularity and show no signs of stopping any time soon. Here at Accelerated Genetix, we stay on top of current market trends so that when you’re ready to add a new product to your line; we can help assist you in your decision to make the best possible product for your brand and buyer. Reach out to jeff@agenetix.com to get started today!

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